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A web account allows you access to the Ellipsis Hub - an area of our website which allows you to publish articles and download important documents available to our team. 

If you had an account on the old website, you will still need to sign up.
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In order to have total access to all Ellipsis Hub features, you need to pay the membership fee at liverpoolguild.org

You can pay your membership fee now at http://www.liverpoolguild.org/groups/ellipsis-magazine. Membership is £5 this year.

You do not have to pay your fee now, although without it, we can't give you access to post on our site. When created, you account will give you limited access until we can confirm your membership has been paid.
When you submit this form, your account will be sent to our web administrator - who will then create the account for you. When created, you will receive a keycard with your login details at the following Monday meeting.

If you can't make the meeting - get in touch with webadmin@ellipsisliverpool.com who will assist you further.

Room details can be found on our website http://ellipsisliverpool.com/about/join/
Please read the following about using your web account and agree and submit your sign up application. *

The "web account" refers to your personal account on ellipsisliverpool.com. This account is personal to you and, as such, you should not give anyone else your login details (username or password). 

The details provided here are stored privately on our website to create your account, except your student ID/guild email, which is used to confirm you have paid your membership fee. This will be discarded once we can confirm you have paid your membership.

Upon signing up to ellipsisliverpool.com, you are agreeing to hold responsibility for all the content you upload. Our committee will be able to see and review articles before they are published. Your name and team avatar (if applicable) will be displayed at the top of every article you write. 

You agree to follow the terms laid out in the Article Handbook and Style Guide, both of which are available as free downloads from the Ellipsis Hub. In all instances, except where it has been agreed with a committee member, you must follow these guides.

You are free to promote Ellipsis on social media, for example: we encourage you to share your articles online with your network to boost views, although we expect you to do so in a positive manner.

By signing up, you agree to these terms and agree to promote these terms and other good practice where possible.
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